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19/01/2015 Luke, Philadelphia:
I wasn't sure whether ordering an essay would really help, but the grade I got proved that it did!
This was the first time I'd ordered an essay, so I had a lot of questions. Support were able to answer all of them quickly and to my complete satisfaction.
It was easy for a first-timer to understand and follow the order process.
17/06/2015 Andrew, Oregon:
The essay I received from Rushessay.com gave me really useful hints on how to write future papers.
You always think of questions late at night, so it was really useful to be able to contact Support any time, day or night.
Simple and straightforward. Anyone can follow it.
03/04/2015 Cécile, Paris:
I am not native speaker of English, so make mistakes in my own work. This essay was just right.
They were very patient with my English.
It was easy to understand, fortunately.
28/08/2015 David, UK:
Excellent. I was really happy with the paper considering the short deadline I gave the writer. They did a great job.
I didn't need them; the paper was delivered exactly when I needed it.
Does exactly what it promises, if you ask for a paper within hours that's exactly what you get. It was a lifesaver!
15/02/2015 Emily, Austin:
I wasn't expecting much for the price I paid, but Rushessay exceeded my expectations. The paper was great! Thank you so much.
Support were very patient with my endless questions. It's a wonder they didn't get tired of me!
No problems whatsoever. I wish everything was that easy!
06/03/2015 Vanessa, Ontario:
Great stuff. I'd definitely use this writer again. My only (minor) complaint is that one tiny error sneaked through. But I guess they're only human.
Good to know they're available whenever you need them - which I didn't.
It only took minutes to complete the form. So easy and quick.
21/09/2015 Lucy, Ohio:
The writer clearly knew their stuff. The paper was well researched and covered a lot of ground considering the word limitation.
So quick to respond. I had my answer almost before I'd asked the question!
Fine, I explained my requirements and had my paper back within the allotted time.
17/06/2015, Kerryn Roberts, Florida:
You can’t fault their quality. It would have taken me weeks to come up with something this good. I worried that they had cheated, but they hadn’t, they are just that good!
The lady I spoke to was very polite with a strong US accent, so I didn’t feel like I was calling India.
Getting the essay online is easier than ever. They have streamlined the process since I first started buying so that it is quicker and more secure.
15/09/2015, Allie Rutherford, Delaware:
My professor was very impressed with the work, so I am not complaining. I didn’t get all the references, but my professor liked it so it was fine.
I never spoke to a support person.
I love the fact I get to play with the quotation device. I actually opted for a slightly more expensive essay because I wanted to see if it was better quality, which it was.
21/11/2015, Jeremy Woodhead, Ohio:
It was like reading a piece of well crafted poetry. The way he strung the points together was like watching the end of the movie Pulp fiction where it all comes together at the end. Top Draw.
I tried the chat function to ask about their secure server, but I don’t think I made myself clear. To be honest, I was just killing time, but the text-chatter seemed nice.
It seems simple enough. I can’t see why anybody would have a problem with it. Just order and wait, it’s easy enough.
24/11/2015, Nikolas Korda, Arizona:
Like a bullet to the chops, I was frightened by how good the creative writers were. I love the line, “Slumped in a corner, weary and blurry eyed, reminiscent of the future he squandered.” I am sooooo taking credit for this shizzle, thank you.
I never really tried them, but my sister said they are fast when answering online messages, but she may have meant emails.
Go to the quote bit, choose a price, make your order and wait. All I would say is that you give them as many details about your project as possible because they are riding blind if you don’t.
04/03/2015, Bridget Bourke, Utah:
I wouldn’t have given a testimonial but for the fact I scored top of my class with your essay. Please convey my thanks to my writer.
I got in touch online around every two days to get project reports on how my essay was coming along. My friend told me this is abnormal, but I paid you a lot of money. I must say that your support member was very patient with me.
I opted for the most expensive paper with the assumption it would be the only one that is passable. It turns out their top-quality bands are legitimate. I insist you give them a try.
29/09/2015, Richard Taylor, Connecticut:
It’s burning my eyes boy. This s##t is hot. You feel me?!!!!
I didn’t.
Go on the website and click on the prices. Pick the cheapest you can and the longest deadline. Just send them all the stuff you pull off your college blackboard and let them stress over it. Wait ten days and get it back. Put your name on it and submit. Done.
01/01/2015, Tanya Travis, Mississippi:
The quality of the work produced was as I expected. I am pleased you allow free amendments because my professor always sends my work back.
I tested this website at least ten times before I ordered. I kept using their online chat to talk to people and test them. They kept their story straight when other essay writing services gave different answers. After bugging them for days, I made my order. I am pleased to say that the support team are well trained and the writers are very good.
I asked the support staff about ordering. I am glad there are cheaper options for students because I am almost broke.
29/04/2015, Lenore Stewart, North Dakota:
The quality was 10/10. The formatting was perfect. The spelling and grammar was flawless. My professor hasn’t sent the work back for corrections. Thank you muchly.
I called at around 9:30pm to ask if I can pay by Paypal. The man got my answer very quickly, so I hung up. They are efficient.
I placed my order very quickly. The website is easy enough to understand that I didn’t need to search around to place my order.
21.12.2011, Edith, Philadelphia:
I am so pleased with the essay that was written for me, the quality of the writing was outstanding!
Your customer service representatives were so patient every time I called to check on my paper.
The ordering process was very clear. It was comforting to know I could track the progress whenever I needed to.
17.11.2011, John, Lima:
What an amazing service! My essay was written so professionally, with every requirement included.
Everyone I spoke with was so knowledgeable and helpful. I never felt worried about any aspect of my paper.
I also appreciated your order form being so easy to fill out. It asked all the right questions about what I needed done.
23.10.2011, Brad, Leesburg:
The research provided in my paper was exceptional and the citations were written to perfection. I was grateful to have such a skilled writer who was proficient in the topic I was researching.
When I called to make a revision, I couldn’t believe how fast my writer responded.
The ordering process was extremely efficient. It was convenient being notified via email when my paper was ready. I received a research paper well before my deadline.
05.09.2011, Joyce, Frisco:
Ultimately, I was extremely pleased with professional style and format in which my paper was written.
I did have a couple of issues with my paper when I received it. I contacted customer service, explained I was not satisfied with the way a few of the paragraphs were worded, and they assured me a revision would be no problem. They put me in touch with another writer who totally understood what I was looking for and he did the revisions within 2 hours.
I am very pleased with the way everything was handled and was even more pleased when I received my revised paper that exemplfied the excellence I wanted to achieve.
23.07.2011, Jordan, Cleveland:
When I received my Term paper it exceeded my expectations. The quality of writing was beyond compare.
My writer was the best, very easy to communicate with and understood everything I asked of him. I was so happy your service offers the ability to contact my writer during the writing process, it really helped my anxiety about having the paper delivered on time, which it was.
After seeing what an amazing writing job you did on my paper and how easy it was to order on your website I’ve recommended your service to everyone I know.
30.05.2011, Troy, Nashville:
I am not a writer, but can recognize top notch quality writing when I read it and that’s exactly the kind of paper I received. It was formatted to my exact specifications! Even my professor was impressed.
I never even had to call customer service once.
After placing the order, within 48 hours I received notification via email that my paper was ready. Thank you for delivering an outstanding paper so quickly.
23.04.2011, Gordon, Newark:
I was truly amazed how skillfully and professionally written my paper was.
I was also pleasantly surprised when I called customer service to ask a few questions about the ordering form and spoke with a ‘live’ person who answered my questions immediately.
When I received my paper, my essay followed all my specifications, was professionally written, and delivered on time. I had a great experience from the ordering process to delivery.
17.04.2011, Amy, Mesquite:
I was more than satisfied with the exceptional quality writing in the paper; except there was a section I felt was copied from something I had read.
I contacted a customer service representative who understood my concerns. They notified my writer and he made the necessary revisions immediately.
When I received my revised paper it was perfect! I was so satisfied with the way it was handled I will definitely use this service in the future.
03.02.2011, Williams, Pittsburgh:
My writer was the absolute best! I had all my research for her and she wrote me an outstanding research paper that was clear and concise and included all my professor’s requirements.
I couldn’t believe how easy it was to order a paper from your service and be matched and assigned a writer so quickly.
I received the most in-depth researched paper, all in record time!
16.01.2011, Naomi, Miami:
My dissertation was polished to perfection and met all academic requirements!
I was too exhausted to proof my own paper so I contacted your editing services. They not only included all my personal recommendations, they offered me a discount for being a new customer.
When I received my paper, it was so amazing to see all my hard work reflect the excellence I had worked to achieve. Ordering from your service is not only affordable, it is reliable.