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The mere thought of college and graduate school admissions gives you the chills, doesn’t it? You already have your grades, so there’s not much you can do about that factor. You’ll face a huge competition of students with similar grades, so you have to convince the admission committee you belong in that school. That’s exactly why the admission essay, scholarship essay, and personal statement are important. We hired the best writers for admission services, so we can guarantee the quality of the content you get.

Admission Essay


A great application essay will enhance your strengths and show you as a candidate that deserves a spot in that college. It has to be readable and well-formatted, but unique at the same time. Our writers will follow your instructions and produce 100% unique admission essay that makes you look good. Read more

Scholarship Essay


Each scholarship you apply for has different standards and requirements. You can’t submit the same essay for all programs. Our writers will analyze the specific program you target. They will craft an entirely relevant scholarship essay based on your instructions. Read more

Personal Statement


If you want to enter a graduate school, you’ll have to submit a personal statement along your application. This is your chance to sell yourself as a great candidate. Some schools require general personal statements, but others ask you to answer specific questions. It doesn’t matter what kind of personal statement you need; our writers will craft the best content for you! Read more