You Need a Scholarship Essay? We’re Here for You

Before you even start applying for colleges, you’re considering scholarship options. We all know how expensive higher education is. For most students, it’s almost impossible to afford. Fortunately, there are all kinds of scholarships that help you reach your dreams. Some are merit-based, and others are geared towards particular groups of people. Some programs are supported by the government, and others are provided by corporations, non-governmental organizations, or even individuals.

This is a fact: there are tons of scholarship options out there. The only question is: how do you get one? By applying, of course! That’s the problem… you’ll have to write a unique scholarship essay for each program you apply to.

This essay will make or break your chances for getting the scholarship. The competition is huge! Everyone needs to get into the program, so how do you prove you’re a candidate who deserves a spot?

We’ll help. RushEssay’s scholarship essay writing service has helped hundreds of students to write winning application essays. We know exactly what the committee members are looking for. We can write the perfect essay for you. It will be unique. It will be memorable. It will reflect your personality and passion for personal growth.

What’s Scholarship Essay Writing All About?

So how exactly do you write the perfect scholarship essay? Should you just read few samples and paraphrase them? No. That’s the worst thing you could possibly do.

Yes, reading samples is a good thing. When you see how a great essay looks like, you get a clear vision of the goal you should achieve. However, you must never paraphrase. That kind of essay might avoid plagiarism detection systems, but it will be plagiarism nevertheless. The scholarship committee members are going through dozens of applications on a daily basis. They can easily recognize the patterns. They will know when your essay is not unique. That’s the first thing to keep in mind: your application essay has to be 100% original and personal.

You need more tips? These are the insights our professional writers share:

  1. Read the instructions thoroughly. Each program has different application guidelines. Make sure you understand them before you start writing your essay.
  2. Plan! What will you write? You’ll find your best ideas through brainstorming. Then, you can organize those ideas in an outline.
  3. Elaborate each point of the outline. This is a personal essay, so it should have emotions in it. You don’t want to sound pathetic, though. You’re a strong person with bright perspectives and a clear vision of the future. Convey that attitude through the essay.
  4. Use clear, simple, and concise language. The last thing the committee members need is another essay with “big” words that require a dictionary. Simplicity is best. Flowery language makes you look unconfident.
  5. Read the guidelines again. Did you follow them precisely? If not, make revisions.
  6. Do not send the first draft! It needs some serious editing before it’s ready.

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