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When you’re conducting any laboratory experiment, you’re supposed to write a lab report paper that explains the scientific concepts behind that experiment. This type of project is usually mandatory for science courses at college and university.

The point of a lab report is to show how you conducted scientific research and what hypothesis(es) you set. Then, you’ll provide proof and theoretical explanations for your hypothesis.

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A lab report contains four main parts:

  • Introduction – This is where you’ll state your hypothesis. What results do you expect to come down to through this experiment? How did you derive that hypothesis and how is it connected to previous research?
  • Methods – This section contains the details of the experiment. You show how you tested the hypothesis.
  • Results – Here, you’ll provide raw data in an easy-to-read way.
  • Discussion – How do you interpret those results? How do they support or defy the hypothesis you made in the introduction? What implications and limitations do your findings have?

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