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The dissertation is a complex project that challenges you beyond your limits. You’ll go through one or few chapters, but then you’ll get stuck on the next one. The structure itself is very important. You can’t just skip the chapters you’re struggling with. At, we’re ready to help with any dissertation chapter!

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This is basically a summary of the entire dissertation. You have to sum up all that content into a short, condensed paragraph. It’s no wonder why the abstract is often the most challenging part of the dissertation. Fortunately, you can order it at if you need the help of an expert.

The Introductory Chapter

This is the part that’s supposed to guide the reader into the topic. You should explain the relevance and significance of the research, the methods you are going to use for research and analysis, and the thesis you are going to prove. If you need any help with this chapter, we can always pair you with a writer who holds a PhD in the relevant discipline.

Literature Review

It’s more than a list of articles and sources you used. You have to provide a summary and a critical review of the resources, listed by relevance. The literature review should be informative and comprehensive, so the reader will know what information to look for in a particular source. Our writers can help you craft the perfect literature review for your dissertation.

Methodology Chapter

In this part of the dissertation, you’re supposed to describe the methods of research, data collection, and data analysis. You should clarify why you chose these methods and how appropriate they are for the specific case. If you’re struggling with the methodology, hire a RushEssay PhD writer to help.


This is the most important part of your dissertation, where you list the results of the research. If you conducted your research, you clearly know the results. Still, it’s not easy to describe them in academic language. You can order this chapter at our website, and we’ll make sure it fits within the rest of the content you completed.


In this chapter, you should interpret and evaluate the results of the research. In addition, you need to identify the limitations. This is the part that proves how your results are relevant to the academic community. Feel free to order the discussion chapter for any dissertation topic; we can handle it!

Conclusion and Recommendations

Finally, you’re supposed to make all ends meet in the conclusion. This is the part that gives a convincing answer to the research question and suggests further research. If you need help with the conclusion, we’re always here for you!