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What is the personal statement? It’s a piece of writing, usually in the form of an essay, which accompanies your application to university. When you’re trying to get into graduate school, the admission board will wonder: why? Why do you deserve to be there more than the applicants who would get the letter of rejection? You’ll answer that question through the personal statement.

Sometimes this is called an application essay or a statement of purpose. It’s the same thing. The problem is: there are no strict rules to follow. It’s not a simple 5-paragraph essay based on a precise topic. It’s a personal essay, which should distinguish you as a unique candidate, who deserves a chance to get higher education. It’s autobiographically-focused. We all know how hard it is to write about ourselves and keep the emotions within the limits of reasonable.

You can’t write the perfect personal statement? No one can blame you for that. In addition to the formal application and the GPA you managed to maintain throughout college, this will be an important part of the application. It’s safe to say that it’s the part that makes the most difference. You already have the GPA and you know what details to include in the application form. This is the aspect you can still influence. The pressure is too big.

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About the Structure of a Personal Statement

When students come to us for personal statement help, we notice they have a common problem with the writing process: they don’t know what structure the personal statement should have. Is it a 5-paragraph essay? Is it more like freestyle writing? Should it have headings?

To help you understand the structure, we’ll share few tips from our writers:

  1. The important thing is to answer the question. Each university has different expectations from the applicants. Some will ask a very specific question, and others will give you more flexibility to come up with a topic for this personal essay. That’s exactly why you can’t send the same personal statement to different universities.
  2. This essay can vary widely in length. How long should it be? Just follow the guidelines of the university you want to be part of!
  3. Pro tip: you don’t have to write 5 paragraphs. However, giving some symmetry to the structure always makes the statement easier to read.
  4. This is the writing process our writers recommend you to follow:
  • Find the instructions and follow them.
  • Get informed about the specific program you want to be part of. You should explain why you deserve your spot there.
  • Analyze the question and brainstorm.
  • Write your response. If there are more questions to answer, write 2-3 sentences of response to each of them.
  • Ask someone to check out your statement. The feedback will help you improve it.
  • Edit and proofread to perfection.

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Although the instructions above seem easy, the personal statement writing process is a real struggle in reality. This might as well be the most important piece of content you’ve ever worked on.

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