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How do you feel when you’re about to give a speech or present a project in public? Excited is a small word to describe the feeling. Anxiety? That would be closer.

Why are most people so nervous? When we watch TED talks, the speakers seem so relaxed. It’s almost like they enjoy speaking in public. Yes, some people have it in them. The rest of us have to try a bit harder.

Do you know what helps? A great speech. When you have the right things to say, you can predict the reaction of the audience. It will be great. Have you noticed something in common with all those TED talks you love? They are all great. These people are not getting on stage and saying the first things that come to their minds. The talks are rehearsed. They were previously written. The entire presentation is based on that content.

When you have a well-written speech, the rest of the process is easier to handle. We can help you gain that confidence. provides top-quality speech writing help on any topic.

About Speech Structure

Are you wondering how the speech writing process goes? Our professional writers have experience writing all kinds of speeches for different clients. They hold MA and PhD degrees in the subject areas we assign them to. They know how to handle any topic.

You want some free tips on the speech structure from our expert writers? Read on!

  1. Each speech is constructed of an opening, body, and closing. When you think about it, the structure seems similar to that of an essay, doesn’t it? There’s a difference: the speech should be more fun. It should be based on facts and arguments, but it needs more humor, appeal, and emotions when compared to the usual essay.
  2. You get in front of the audience. Now what? These are the thirty seconds that matter the most. It’s when the listeners form their first impressions of you. They are wondering: “will this be worthy of my time?” They usually get the answer during the opening. This is where you raise a thought-provoking question, share an interesting anecdote, make a controversial statement, or tell an unexpected fact. Even a joke or a personal experience will do. Whatever the opening is, make sure it’s brief and it leads directly to the main point.
  3. The body, which is the largest part of the speech, is reserved for your thoughts and arguments. When it comes to public speaking, even digressions (brief!) are allowed. The best way to write this section is to outline a series of points you would like to make. Then, you’ll connect them through the content. Make sure the transitions are smooth and the logical flow is flawless.
  4. In the closing, you’ll summarize the main points, similarly to the way you do in essay writing. That will leave your audience with a good memory of what you said. The closing has to awaken some kind of emotion and thought. You want to leave the listeners with a wish to take action.

It seems easy when you look at it this way. Writing a speech, however, is always more challenging than you expect. You have to be flexible and leave space for the reaction of your audience. If you order a speech from us, you’ll get the perfect foundation for flawless performance.


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