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The backbone of any great speech or presentation is careful planning. As it is used to persuade people on a certain belief, an effective speech should be clear, concise, and full of meaningful content. More than this, a great speech should be engaging as much as it is informative. It also has to be remembered that the audience should be considered when planning a speech because they determine its success. A speech that leaves the audience bored and indifferent only means one thing—the speech was poorly crafted.

Speech writing follows a logical path. It is not merely throwing together few select inspirational quotes from famous personalities and borrowing passages from previously written speeches. The process of speech writing should start with an introduction that would give the audience an overview of the topic and the point of argument. This should be backed by evidence to make the speech believable and convincing. In some instances, research should be conducted to lend credibility to the piece.

Most of the time, paper writing accompanies speeches. Because spoken word is fleeting, it is important to immortalise speeches through writing them in print.

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